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Fast-Prazole 20/40

Proton pump Inhibitor + Antacid

Upresor 50 / 100

β- blocker antihypertensive

Upresor 50 D / 100 D

β- blocker antihypertensive + diuretic for additional antihypertensive action

Upresor 200 retard

β- blocker  in a sustainecl release form that controls your blood pressure in a steady state

Univan 80 / 160

Angiotensin II receptor antagonist Antihypertensive in capsule form

Univan 80 / 160 Tablets

Angiotensin II receptor antagonist Antihypertensive in film coated tablet form

Univan 80 D / 160 D

Angiotensin II receptor antagonist+ diuretic for additional Antihypertensive action

Univan Plus 5\80 - 5\160 - 10\160

Treatment of essential hypertension


Selective Cholesterol absorption inhibitor that prevents cholesterol absorption from the gastorintestinal tract

Toma - Pyrine

Anti cold- anti influenza,combination which analgesic ,antipyretic action


Combination of analgesic, antipyretic and a non steroidal anti inflammatory agent which give a multiple analgesic action


Combination of analgesic , antipyretic with a narcotic agent

Codal Extra

Combination of analgesic , antipyretic with a narcotic agent for additional  analgesic effect

SR Ketoprofen 100 / 150

Non- steroidal anti-inflammatory agent in the form of sustained release pellets that delivers the drug in 24 hours the mechanism which decreases side effects and  maintains arthritic pain for 24 hours

Uniphyllin 150 / 300

Bronchodilator  in the form of sustained release pellets that delivers the drug in 24 hours the mechanism which decreases  side effects  and  maintains therapeutic effect for 24 hours

Danizine / Danizine fort

Anti inflammatory, Anti-tumefacient enzyme 


Bacteriolytic  and antimyotic  with a broad spectrum of activity


Bacteriolytic  and antimyotic  with a broad spectrum of  activity + anesthetic


Fluoroquinolone antibacterial with a broad spectrum of bactericidal action. Bioequivalence between  IV  and oral route enables switch from IV to oral

Zavox 400 / 600

New class of antibacterials ( oxazolindinones) with a unique mode of action and a wide spectrum activity


Anthelmintic agent 

URINORM 5 / 15

Anticholinergic agent for incontinence treatment of different origins in children and adults.

Modolan 100 / 200

Lower gastro -intestinal tract Motility regulator


Anti diarrheal agent with unique mechanism of action , less side effects, safe for children and pediatrics

ALMO 6.25 / 12.5


Dimsylate 250 / 500

Haemostatic , used for several indications in different therapeutic application does not affect normal homeostasis parameters. 


Vitamin B12 derivative for peripheral neuropathy and diabetic neuropathy

Ratanax 10/25/50/100

Low doses for symptomatic treatment of pruritus of allergic origin.High doses  for:• The symptomatic relief of anxiety.• As premedication to general anesthesia. 

Quit smoke 0.5 / 1.0

Effective to aid smoking cessation


Combination of (antihistamine/antiemetic) and (vitamin B6), indicated in cases of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.

Stinros 5\ 10 \20 \40

Treatment of hyperlipidemia

Unigalin 50 \ 75 \ 100 \ 150

-Management of neuropathic pain associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy-Adjunctive therapy for adult patients with partial onset seizures